meet katytarika.

Katytarika Bartel (they/them) is a queer, mixed race Thai-American
photographer and award-winning filmmaker based in Lowell, Massachusetts. Their audio-visual work aims to explore identity and spaces of in-between as means of self-empowerment. Katytarika is passionate about making art more accessible, letting young people have a seat at the table, and the color yellow.

BEHIND THE LENS, Katytarika is an arts educator, spoken word poet, and community organizer. They are an advocate for educational equity, and equipping young people with tools that will allow them to thrive as artists and community members. They believe that art centered in community can leverage social change and connect us more deeply to one another.

Katytarika is the co-founder of Boston-based art collective ANGRY ASIAN GIRLS (AAG). To learn more about AAG and their mission, go here.

Katytarika released their first poetry publication, How They Love, in January 2020. To buy a copy, go here. To get a free PDF copy, email


Photography by Ally Schmaling, whose work you can see more of here.